Petr Dostál

Dear Competitors,

     If I start counting how many times I participated in agility competition in Gyula, I wont be able to count it. It is easier for me to count how many times I wasn’t there, it is less. Usually I take part int he competition as a competior, but now it is my third time to be here as a judge. I can't wait to see Gyula city, which is more beutiful in every year and constantly surprises me. I am excited about meet the hardworking staff who are always cheerful.The morale is unforgettable. Those people who participated in Medivid Agility Cup, they feel like they must come back again and again.That is why this competition is a trdadition. I am honored to take part in this event.

     I can not tell new information about myself for those people who know my career, which is really comprehensive as competitor , coach, stockbreeder and judge. And I hope that those people who dont know me , they won't recognise me in the field, and they will see only the competitors, because they make this event prestigious. I just want to give them a chance to show the result of the lot of training and hardworking. Not everyone can stand on podium at the end of the competition but everyone will enjoy and have fun during it.I won't block it !

Ildikó Halász

Dear Competitors,

     It is such an honor for me to be judging at XXIII Medivid Cup.
     I started living with dogs in 1999 and began doing agility in 2003 when I got a Sheltie named “SKY”. I’ve been fascinated by agility ever since.
     My wonderful partner SKY took me to the AWC for five times to represent Japan. ( in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 ). He taught me so many things and passed away in 2018.
     I started competing in large class when I got a border collie named “Cathy”. Cathy and I have competed at the European Open three times as a member of Japan national team. ( in 2016, 2017 and 2018 ) I was a team leader of Japan national team in 2017 and 2018.
     I quit the company that I worked for twenty years and began my career as a professional agility trainer and an official judge when I became a certified agility judge in 2011.

     I believe agility is and should be the sport that anyone can enjoy. I always try to design the courses that all handlers can run safely with their dogs with passion.
     I feel responsible for judging fairly in return for your hard work. I truly hope my courses provide all competitors joy and excitement.
     I’m so looking forward to seeing you all run at Medivid Cup.

Yujiro Kawabata

Szilágyi Anita