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My name is Petr Dostál and I come from the Czech Republic. I have been engaged in agility since 1993. I have been competing with several breeds, starting with a briard,  then CKCS, BSD groenendael, poodle and ending with a BOC that I currently own.

     Apart from judging, I also enjoy organizing agility competitions. Since 1994 I have organized dozens of agility competitions, indoor as well as outdoor ones, among the biggest ones I can mention events such as Moravia Open, EOJ 2015 and AWS 2012.

    I became an international agility judge of FCI in 2014. My courses will never be easy, quite often I    design  sequences that allow  for a variety of handling options and it is just up to the handlers to choose the most optimal one.  I always try to have in mind the safety of the dogs as well as handlers. Whenever there is a slight sign of harsh handling of the dog, I respond to it immediately,  and in the worst case, such behavior of the handler is followed by the team´s elimination from the whole competition.

I am looking forward to meeting you all.

Petr Dostál

Dear Competitors,Sportmates,Guests,Audience!

     In the last year at XXII. Medivid's Cup, I was honored to be one of the judges of this competition, and now, in 2018, I can be part of one of the biggest national agility competitions of the year.
     I am glad when i have the chance to come to Gyula because there are a lot of beautiful memories in my mind.I was able to participate in the Junior Agility Europe Championship here, at one of my first competition at the age of 13 in 2003.Then I could come to Medivid Cups in every year, and in 2009 I had the chance to run here with my previous 4-legged teammates as the IMCA Championship competitor.Actually my partner is Dita a border collie.She is young but I am really proud of her because we are a triple EO and a double world championship qualifield team and I have the podium positions on them.In 2016 we won silver medal at the FCI Agility World Championship which can prove my sincere love and humility for sport.
     Although my agility competitor career has been running for 15 years, in 2014 i got my FCI agiity referee permission.I thought about it like a new great challenge. I could participate in numerous national and international competitions as a judge. I could go home with many new experiences.

     I hope that the XXII. Medivid and XIII the ParAgility Cup. I will be able to represent the high level of the ParAgility Cup competition, and at the end of the race all of us can go home with beautiful memories.
     Have a great time together, nice memories and good luck!

Anita Szilágyi

Szilágyi Anita